We focus on bringing health and wellness into our busy lifestyles.

We focus on bringing health and wellness into our busy lifestyles.


About Us

Rachel is a full time mom of two beautiful children, Jaxon and Aurora, as well as a full time operations manager at her marketing company. Living a busy life meant that Rachel had to find creative and efficient ways to stay in shape to maintain such an active lifestyle.

Through healthy meal prepping and recipes as well as creative workouts, she has managed to get into the best shape of her life.

Tylor has been an athlete since the time he could run. He began competing in fitness competitions in his early 20’s and has a true love for health, fitness and nutrition. As a personal trainer he spent time helping people get into some of the best shape of their lives both physically and mentally.

Tylor made the switch into the financial industry a few years ago which had him working 60+ hour weeks, he quickly fell out of lifting and eating healthy and became overweight.  He quickly realized the importance of a balanced lifestyle and made the necessary changes to get back into shape.

In the beginning, it was the love of fitness that brought us together. We decided to start this site to share much of the information our friends and family ask us about fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle while living such busy lives.

We focus on three main principles.

1. Eating the right foods to help promote natural energy, a healthy brain and supportive metabolism.

2. Exercising to help keep a healthy physique, produce energy to continue     throughout the day and to have the strength    to take on life challenges.

3.   We believe in being “mentally fit” in order to help you succeed in in life by using the proper supplements and by creating a state of mind that allows you to stay focused and mentally prepared for anything.

There are a lot of challenges that people face in the search for a healthy lifestyle. We hope that through our many struggles and failures to maintain our health while leading busy lives, we can help guide and motivate you to become a happier, healthier version of yourself both physically and mentally.

Please join us on our journey as we continue to focus on health and wellness in our lives.


“You can have results or excuses not both.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger